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Security Assessments

Shining a light into darkness

We check for different kinds of cyber threats to keep your business safe and running smoothly. These checks are key because they help you make sure nothing interrupts your day-to-day work. We have different kinds of checks for different needs, whether it’s ransomware, malware, security vulnerabilities, or general cyber risk management. 


Simulate full ransomware attacks from initial access to encryption simulation. These simulations include visualization of security control failures, as well as comprehensive recommendations and direction to remove your ransomware blind spots.

Compromise Assessment

We’ll check for stealthy threats in your network that might’ve slipped by. We’ll dig deep to find any unusual activity that could mean trouble. Together, we can close any holes in your security and make sure you’re set up to catch and handle problems fast.

Vulnerability Assessment

We’ll look for weak spots in your systems. We check if they’re at risk, how serious it is, and how to fix it. This includes old software, shaky setups, and missing updates.

Penetration Testing

Simulate a cyber-attack against your network to discover how your defenses hold up against coordinated cyber-threat activity. Internal, external, or both, we can customize the attack scenario to mirror the real-world tools, tactics, and procedures used to target your industry. 

IT Audit

We’ll verify if your systems meet critical security baselines. We review the configuration of in-scope systems vs. security best practices. Then, we’ll give you a report that tells you if everything’s up to par.

IT Risk Assessment

Security risk assessments pinpoint and evaluate threats to your systems and data. They measure the impact of potential incidents and should be done yearly, or with any significant organizational changes.

Red Team

Simulate attacks against focused target objectives. Rather than putting a priority on finding as many vulnerabilities as possible, a red team attempts to test how an organization’s security team responds to various threats. The Red Team will always focus on the objectives, seeking to gain access to sensitive information in stealth, avoiding detection.

Purple Team

Our purple team assessment combines the expertise of our Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) and Threat and Attack Simulation (TAS) Teams to transform tabletop exercises into real-world attack scenarios. We help network defense teams improve security tool knowledge, tuning, and techniques to continuously strengthen their organization’s network defense posture.

Post Analysis

After checking everything, our team figures out what steps to take to ensure the identified risks are properly handled. We’ll give you a list of the biggest risks and tell you the best ways to fix them.