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Security Assessment

Shining a light into darkness

Our security assessments map the risks of different types of cyber threats. This is what makes these assessments a crucial instrument to guarantee operational business continuity. There are quite a few types of security assessments, each with a specific goal.


Simulate full ransomware attack chains from initial access to encryption simulation. These simulations include visualization of security control failures, as well as comprehensive recommendations and direction for remediation to remove your ransomware blind spots.

Compromise Assessment

Discover if there are threats lurking on your network which have gone undetected. We’ll perform a proactive threat hunt to scour your environment for hidden threat activity and anomalies, which may bring to light past or present intrusions. Identify gaps in your organization’s ability to spot an intrusion or breach, and work with our team to tune your security stack for optimal visibility and response.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify, classify, and prioritize security vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure. We’ll evaluate whether a system is exposed to known vulnerabilities, assign severity levels to identified vulnerabilities, and provide remediation or mitigation steps. 

Vulnerabilities can include out of date software and protocols, insecure device configurations, and missing security patches across your network. 

Penetration Testing

Simulate a cyber-attack against your network to discover how your defenses hold up against coordinated cyber-threat activity. Internal, external, or both, we can customize the attack scenario to mirror the real-world tools, tactics, and procedures used to target your industry. 

IT Audit

Validate whether the current configuration matches the desired compliance standard (ISO, NIST, PCI-DSS, etc.). This can be based on both technical aspects and documentation. The output is a report that shows whether the compliance rules are met.

IT Risk Assessment

IT security risk assessments focus on identifying the threats facing your information systems, networks and data, and assessing the potential impacts you’d face should these adverse events occur. Risk assessments should be conducted on a regular basis, at least annually, and whenever major changes occur within your organization (acquisition, merger, re-organization, major change to network and/or business systems, or when business processes experience a major shift). 

Red Team

Simulate attacks against focused target objectives. Rather than putting a priority on finding as many vulnerabilities as possible, a red team attempts to test how an organization’s security team responds to various threats. The Red Team will always focus on the objectives, seeking to gain access to sensitive information in stealth, avoiding detection.

Purple Team

Our purple team assessment combines the expertise of our Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) and Threat and Attack Simulation (TAS) Teams to transform tabletop exercises into real-world attack scenarios. We help network defense teams improve security tool knowledge, tuning, and techniques to continuously strengthen their organization’s network defense posture.

Post Analysis

After the analysis, the team decides which actions should be initiated to mitigate the actual risk level to an acceptable level. The IT Risk Assessment comes with a list of prioritized risks that should be mitigated along with recommended remediation actions.