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Our Partners

We develop strategic partnerships with industry leading security vendors which guarantee the expertise, resources and relationships to ensure the integrity of our customers' information assets.

Cyber Crucible is a ransomware attack prevention focused cybersecurity company, which offers novel, highly effective, aggressively priced cyber risk mitigation capabilities. The company’s products use advanced technologies to automate lessons learned through years of NSA and commercial threat hunting and cryptography operational experience.

Atlas Cybersecurity is a Managed Security Service Provider serving small and mid-sized businesses. They focus on providing world-class advanced threat defenses via their 24×7 SOC solution. They can work both with a client’s existing security stack, as well as offer their own solutions, from endpoint to edge.

Trend Micro offers enterprise security software for servers, containers, cloud computing environments, networks, and end points. Its cloud and virtualization security products provide automated security for customers of VMware, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Tenable is a leader in the vulnerability management space. Their solutions help organizations to gain control of their risk, and identify compliance gaps, by knowing and prioritizing vulnerabilities across their entire attack surface including endpoint, network, cloud, mobile and DevOps environments. helps you find and fix attack vectors before attackers can exploit them. We enable organizations to continuously assess the security posture of their enterprise, including external, identity, on-prem, IoT, and cloud attack surfaces.

Vectra enables enterprises to immediately detect and respond to cyberattacks across cloud, SaaS, data center, IT and IoT networks. As the leader in network detection and response (NDR), Vectra uses AI to empower the enterprise SOC to automate threat discovery, prioritization, hunting and response. Vectra is Security that thinks.


Votiro specializes in eliminating file-borne attacks carried through email, web downloads, portal uploads and all file sharing platforms. In real-time, our Positive Selection technology removes the need to block files entering your organization. Votiro neutralizes all weaponized files containing zero-day and undisclosed attacks ensuring the enterprise that any and all files are completely safe to open.

Prevalent takes the pain out of third-party risk management (TPRM). Companies use our software and services to eliminate the security and compliance exposures that come from working with vendors, suppliers and other third parties. Our customers benefit from a flexible, hybrid approach to TPRM, where they not only gain solutions tailored to their needs, but also realize a rapid return on investment. Regardless of where they start, we help our customers stop the pain, make informed decisions, and adapt and mature their TPRM programs over time.

Fortinet solutions deliver digital security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges in your network, application, cloud or mobile environments. Protect your business with Fortinet.

Qohash develops data security solutions to help financial institutions, including banks and insurance companies, protect against data breaches. We help customers find sensitive data across different sources such as cloud, networked drives, and devices. Then we report who has access to that data and provide recommendations to enhance security. Our clients use our solutions to dramatically reduce their risk of a data breach and to comply with regulations.

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