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Ransomware Attack
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Ransomware can devastate your organization if you aren’t prepared. Do you know how your company would respond to a real-world ransomware attack?

Only 20% of ransomware attack techniques are accurately identified by detection and alerting tools due to misconfigurations, changes in tool controls alerting failures, and other dynamic factors.

These are your security blind spots and why ransomware attacks succeed.

Remove security blindspots before the attack

Transform your network defenders with
continuous testing.

Service Overview.

Simulate full ransomware attack chains from initial access to encryption simulation. These simulations include visualization of security control failures, as well as comprehensive recommendations and direction for remediation to remove your ransomware blind spots.

Simulation Technology TouchPoints.

Customer Endpoints & BlindSPOT Agents: BlindSPOT simulates attacks via “agents”, which are run on a small sample of endpoint(s) that the customer selects.

BlindSPOT Platform: Simulation detection and alerting results are scored in the BlindSPOT web application, which visualizes security stack coverage and provides remediation recommendations for improvement.

Simulation Exercise Schedule.

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