Format C:yber helps organizations weave the fabric of cyber-security into their day-to-day operations, reducing risk to information assets, and building brands customers trust.  

Let us help you make security a value multiplier to your business.  

Format C:yber helped us cut down on the number of ‘white noise’ security alerts we had been dealing with. They reviewed the configuration and alerting setup of our endpoint protection, intrusion prevention, and other security and auditing tools, to ensure that each system was optimally tuned for our environment and limited the number of false positive alerts we received. This saved our Security Team a significant amount of time and allowed them to focus on high fidelity alerts. 

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Our Methods

vCISO Consulting

Information Security leadership, strategy, and program development. 

Security Architecture

Defensible infrastructure design to secure your organization against cyber threats. 

Security Monitoring

Format can provide you with an expert set of eyes to monitor the security of your network, and even take corrective action when threats are identified. 

CyberSecurity Staffing & Training

Our staffing division can help recruit your next Cyber Security Pro, or Team. We’ll help you tackle the toughest security projects, or assist you with assembling a team of world class cyber-security professionals. 

Incident Response

Develop an organized approach to rapidly identify an attack, minimize its impact, contain the threat, and identify the root cause in order to reduce the risk of future incidents. 

Security Assessment

Discover and prioritize information security risks.  Develop a roadmap to eliminate, or mitigate them. 

Let us help you make security a value multiplier to your business.  

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